A Nasty Bit of Business

The world is gradually, delicately and elegantly going absolutely insane.


Deal: Hezbollah will have weapons, but won't show them

So they'll just attack Israel quietly and discreetly, so Europe isn't bothered by the whole thing.

Maybe if Israel had done it: No one cares about bombing of 60 children in Sri Lanka

Earlier this week, the Sri Lankan government, in fighting with the Tamil rebels, bombed a rebel orphanage, killing over 40 schoolgirls in the process. The military claimed that this was a rebel stronghold, but outsiders verified that it was, in fact, innocent children who had been murdered.

I'm still patiently waiting for the world's uproar. For their calls of "disproportionate" response by the Sri Lankan government, for their calls for war crime trials and for Sri Lanka to be deemed a "failed state".

These statements will of course never come. This demonstrates two things:

-One, the painful double standard that is applied to Israel versus all other states. Israel's actions must be absolutely pristine, or the world roars up and begins condemning it. Sorry, but are Sri Lankan lives not as valuable or precious as Lebanese? To the Arab bloc, they most certainly are not (though, more accurately, Lebanese civilians are only precious to them as political capital, and they will gladly make them martyrs if the politics isn't exactly how they want it). But, to everyone else, why the shameful singling out of Israel? After all, Hezbollah was sending rockets out from Qana, whereas I'm fairly sure the Sri Lankan orphans were not.

-Secondly, as you may have observed, there is another fundamental difference between the two situations: the Middle East is a lot more on everyone's mind than Sri Lanka. Put more bluntly, no one cares about innocent deaths unless there's oil and terror involved for them. Which is fine, perfectly rational, if not particularly admirable, decisionmaking. But because this outrageously disproportionate zooming in on Israel inevitably leads to people treating Israel different from other nations, holding it to a higher standard in the face of constant terrorist onslaught, it is absolutely unjust. Each terrorist bombing in Israel is the equivalent of an Oklahoma City bombing in America. If attacks like these were being attempted on a weekly, even daily basis, do you think anyone in the world would squeak if America set out to wipe these terrorists off the face of the earth no matter what? Hardly.

So when normal world politics and decency have no application to Israel, it's time for a reality check.


Reuters: Iran "testing taboos" with Holocaust denial competition

Reuters is certainly fair and neutral as they report that the purpose of a competition for anti-Holocaust cartoons is "testing taboos." No, it's denying the Holocaust. Not even debating numbers of victims, but flat out deeming the systematic massacre of six million Jews a "myth." Now, if people began claiming that World War II never happened, they wouldn't be testing taboos or stretching freedom of speech. They'd be lunatics. In this case, they're anti-Semites too. But Reuters is determined to give these monsters legitimacy.

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Europe can't walk the walk, Hezbollah stays armed

For the nations of the world, Israel's campaign to eliminate the threat of Hezbollah was a bit of a nuisance. They didn't like the idea of violence, didn't like the pictures of victims that AP and Reuters kept throwing in everyone's face. So they called for a ceasefire, and pressured Israel to accept it. Everyone anxiously awaited to see what role Europe and the rest would play in making sure that Hezbollah stopped attacking Israeli civilians, now that they had tied Israel's hands behind its back.

The answer? Zip.

Nobody is going to help disarm Hezbollah, because it's hard to fight Hezbollah. So basically, their solution to the conflict is to hand Israel over on a silver platter to pacify the Arab world. And the moment that Israel decides that it needs to take military action again in order to stop the Katyushas and stop the kidnappings, the helpful world will be sure to be there once more to stop the "disproportionate" response against the Irani-funded group that wants to see Israel wiped off the map. But what will they do to stop the root cause of the violence? Absolutely nothing.

This desperate desire for quiet, for untenable peace so long as it looks good, is all too reminiscent of Europe's desperate feeding of Czechoslovakia to Hitler. Peace in our time indeed.

Mad World

The world is gradually, delicately and elegantly going absolutely insane. The president of Iran is cheerily quickstepping towards nuclear apocalypse and simultaneously proclaiming "Death to Israel." Radical Islamist terror is reaching every nook of the globe, while scapegoating and Chamberlaineque appeasement reign supreme in the West. Our time will most certainly go down as having been witness to one of the greatest clashes of values of all time. Life is fighting death, creation is fighting destruction.

And I get to observe it all.